User’s Manual

IMPORTANT: Please Read This Before Using Your New BioMat.

These guidelines are not a substitute for the Owner’s Manual and Warranty that accompany the product, but are supplied here as an adjunct for our customers’ preparation and education.

Setting Up The Biomat:

  • Location: Choose the appropriate location in your home or professional setting where you can set up your Biomat for long-term, convenient usage.
  • Environment: Create a tranquil environment, a place of peace, sanctuary, and restorative relaxation. There are many soothing aids that delight the senses of sound, smell, visualization, and touch. Wonderful accompaniments: audios, water fountain, chimes, sound healing cd’s with or without headphones, aromatherapy diffusers, candles, dim lights, natural fiber throws. (Please do not use artificial or chemically created scents.)

Additional Tips:

Gradually Build Up To High Heat Sessions
Once you’re accustomed to using your Biomat on the lower settings, users who are seeking the ultimate in cellular renewal, deepest cleansing, fat-burning and anti-aging may want to work up to Biomat Sauna Sessions. Many Biomat users report dramatic benefits from incorporating 30 minutes to one hour Bio-Mat sessions 3-5 times per week on the highest red settings. Cover with several heavy towels and blankets to induce a healthy sweat.

Sweating may not happen the first few times, as cells are not accustomed to the deep cleansing process. Be patient, after a few sessions, Biomat sweating will begin.

Temperature Settings + Guidelines:

Remember everyone has different backgrounds, needs, and metabolism, which can change on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to use your intuition and listen to your own body. Kinesiology can be very helpful! If medical guidance is needed, please consult your healthcare provider.

No color – Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystal energy only!

Green – Gentle, broad spectrum cooling (95-104°f / 35-45°c)

Use these low settings to enjoy the health benefits of negative ions and amethyst crystal, with minimal far-infrared heat. These are the ideal settings for a good, regenerative night’s sleep, and are excellent to use on a nightly basis, with cumulative health benefits.

  • Use for minimal far infrared, negative ion + amethyst energetics
  • Provides all-purpose cellular renewal
  • Uplifts and revitalizes body, mind, spirit
  • The Green Settings have a cooling effect on body temperature, so these settings can be refreshing and energizing for rest in hot weather, or for any overheating conditions.
  • This setting also provides wonderful health benefits for those who would wish to begin their Biomat health program cautiously, such as those with any high-risk, pacemaker, heart condition, or sensitive to detoxification.

Gold – Low gold: subtle, warmth (113-122°f / 50-53°c)

Start on lower settings and gradually increase as the body is ready to absorb more of these beneficial light rays. Yellow Settings are ideal to use on a daily basis for relaxation, and as an adjunct to healing modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture and physical therapies. In addition, these Settings can also be used as a great “warm-up” prior to yoga, performance and athletic activities.

  • Safe for extended use
  • Companion for flexibility training, physical therapies + rehab
  • Speeds sports, muscle + injury recovery and healing

Yellow – High gold: deep penetrating warmth (131-140°f / 55-60°c)

  • Gradually increase duration from 15 min. to 1-2 hour sessions
  • Promotes soothing comfort, pain relief + profound relaxation
  • Unwinds chronic stress, tension + anxiety

Red – Deep heat + maximum sauna therapeutics (149-158°f / 65-70°c)

The high temperature settings indicated by the red lights are best used for 20-60 minute “Treatment” Sessions. This is the most therapeutic setting for deep purification and detoxification. For the deeply-purifying Biomat sauna, cover the body with a towel, and then on top of that, add several natural fiber heavy blankets. Biomat high-heat sessions are superb for relieving pain, stress, jet lag, hangover, flu, etc. This is also a great first-aid device for winter maladies such as frostbite and winter chills. (Allow 20 minutes for the Biomat to heat up to the higher-heat settings.)

  • Up to one hour daily of sauna-level cleansing sessions
  • Accelerates fat + cellulite-burning and natural weight loss
  • Supports all-around immunity, prevention + regeneration

It’s part of an overall health and wellness program!

Optimum health using the Amethyst Biomat can be achieved by following as many of these healthful guidelines as possible:

  • Drink plenty of Alkal-Life Ionized Water every day to facilitate your body’s detoxification process.
  • Use a loofah in the shower or a dry body scrub to exfoliate and aid cleansing.
  • Eat foods high in dietary fiber (fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains).
  • Reduce your intake of sugar, dairy, white flour, refined foods, alcohol and fried foods.
  • Chew your food slowly and completely for optimum digestion.
  • Stop eating when you feel satisfied.
  • Exercise at least three times per week— for a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

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