Poka Poka BioBelt



Poka Poka BioBelt

perfectly complements our range of BioMat products by being smaller and lighter, making it easier to use on the road, in the car or in the office. While the Mini and Pro Biomat are used for the whole-body therapy, the Poka Poka BioBelt is designed for use on specific parts of the body, namely the abdomen and lower back.

The daily use of the Poka Poka BioBelt improves temperature and circulation in the abdomen and lower back. 

Spinal cord and the nerves attached to it are protected by layers of muscles that sometimes spasm and trap these nerves which leads to back pain. These spasms can be caused by poor posture, accidents, surgery, paralysis, hard work, exercising etc. Application of deep penetrating infrared heat therapy relaxes these muscle spasms and alleviates back pain. 

For the best results lay on BioMat Mini or BioMat Pro and at the same time apply the Poka Poka BioBelt directly to the abdominal area.

BioBelt is a great tool to help athletes with daily rehab by targeting sore parts of the body with a gentle infrared heat.

The Poka Poka BioBelt therapy results depend on the overall health condition, age, lifestyle and diet.

Poka Poka BioBelt generates gentle infrared heat through the synergy of eight gemstones. Each stone is producing unique infrared ray and contributing its specific natural powers.