Warranty Claim Guidelines

The Warranty Claim Guidelines regulate the manner and the conditions of warranty claims for defective goods purchased through the online shop RichWay EU of our company

ALFIDA s.r.o.

with registered office at J. A. Komenského 692/10, 250 88, Čelákovice

Corporate ID No: 25056492

VAT ID: CZ25056492

registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert  45833

Delivery address: ALFIDA s.r.o, J. A. Komenského 692/10, 250 88, Čelákovice

Telephone number: +420 326 995 453

+420 777 892 225

e-mail: info@richwayeu.com

  1. What defects are we liable for?

As the seller we guarantee that the goods have no defects at the moment of taking possession of goods by the customer. This means that the goods:

The disparity of colour tones in reality and on electronic display devices is not considered as the defect of the goods. If the goods do not conform to your idea, you have, if you are a consumer, the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from receipt of the goods in accordance with Article 5 of the Terms and Conditions of the Sale.

In case the defect occurs within six months from the receipt of the goods, it shall be deemed that the goods were defective at the time of the takeover.

For consumers we guarantee that the defects will not occur within the warranty period. If you are a non-consumer, you are not provided with such a quality warranty. Article 2 of the Terms applies to consumers only.

  1. How long is the warranty period?

For the unused consumer goods, the warranty period is twenty-four months from the receipt of the goods, provided that there is no longer period stated on the website or in the documents accompanying the goods.

If there is a date of minimum durability of the goods, the warranty period last until such date.

  1. What rights from the defective performance do you have?

In the event that the defect of the goods occurs during the warranty period, for which the purchased product cannot be used properly in full, and this defect could be removed, you are entitled to a free repair.

For removable defects on the yet unused product you can require an exchange of the defective product for a new good one instead of the elimination of the defect, or a reasonable discount from the purchase price.

In case of defects that cannot be removed and which prevent the goods to be properly used as a goods without the defect, you have the right to exchange the goods, right to a reasonable discount from the purchase price or the right to withdraw from the contract.

You have the right to a reasonable discount also in case we are not able to supply you a new goods without defects, exchange the part of it, or repair it, or if we do not make a remedy within a reasonable time, or that the remedy would raise a substantial difficulties to you.

For used goods, you are entitled only to a reasonable discount from the purchase price.

You do not have the right to withdraw from the contract or the right to require a delivery of a new item in case you cannot return the goods in the condition in which you received it (except the cases stated by law).

  1. When you cannot exercise the rights from defective performance?

You do not have the rights from the defective performance if:

Warranty and liability claims for the defects also does not apply to:

For the items sold at discounted price, we are not responsible for the defect for which the lower price was negotiated.

We are not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property and goods, which are caused by improper use, or misuse of the goods or negligence.

  1. How to proceed with your warranty claim?

Assert your warranty claim with our company (or a person who is listed on the website as the person designated for repair) without undue delay from finding out of the defect.

Claim can be asserted in the following manner:

When sending the goods, wrap it in the suitable packaging to avoid damage or destruction.

The moment of asserting the warranty claim is the moment when we were notified of the occurrence of the defects and the right from warranty was claimed.

Inbox warranty claim is handled promptly, but not later than 30 days from the date of the assertion of the warranty claim, unless we agree otherwise. You will be issued a written confirmation about the assertion and the settlement of the claim.

In the event of a disputed claim we will decide on its acceptance within three working days from the date of assertion of the claim.

The Warranty Claim Guidelines are valid and effective as of 1. 5. 2015.

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