Detoxi Salt


Detoxi 300Hrs Salt is the perfect complement to your Biomat treatments, and a powerful healing treatment on its own.

It’s easy to overlook this simple, everyday substance, but salt is essential to human life, and one of the building blocks of a healthy body. Without salt, our bodies would break down and cease to function, cell by cell.

This clear, sparkling mineral regulates and protects our bodies to an incredible degree. It controls the water content in our blood cells, keeping them in a perfect state of tension and equilibrium. It is instrumental in transmitting information to our nerves and muscles, and helps us absorbs nutrients. And it encourages healthy kidney function through a process of reverse osmosis, helping our bodies to eliminate wastes and toxins. This is why salt has been revered for hundreds of years as a source of health and vitality.

However, the ordinary table salt that most of us use is chemically processed and highly acidic. Even worse, it is full of additives, toxins and even heavy metals! The salt you buy today is a chemical-laden product completely different from the pure form our ancestors knew.

But what if you could replace the harmful salt in your diet with a pure, medicinal salt that has been used to heal and nourish for more than a thousand years?

Modern technology recaptures the healing essence of salt

In ancient times, Korean doctors and Buddhist monks unlocked the secret healing power of ordinary rock salt by burning it on pine tree firewood pyres. They packed natural, sun-dried salt into hollow bamboo, and then super-heated it at temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for 300 hours. This intensive heat treatment purified the salt of harmful substances and changed its compositional structure in beneficial ways. This heat-purified salt was known for improving the health and energy of all who used it, although the scientific principles behind its effectiveness were not understood until many years later.

Today, the Richway Company uses modern technology to recreate this nutrient-rich and highly potent salt. Detoxi 300Hrs Salt is subjected to temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for 300 hours, resulting in a pure-grade salt packed with essential minerals and micronutrients that are absorbed easily into the body and help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolism and immunity to disease.

Cleanse, balance, energize, and heal

Each packet of Detoxi 300Hrs Salt contains minerals, micronutrients and pure, alkaline salt. This purified compound provides a range of health benefits:

  • Delivers essential micronutrients to the body
  • Increases your body’s rate of nutrient absorption
  • Neutralizes toxins present in the body by flushing them out
  • Restores the body’s fluid pH to the optimal, homeostatic alkaline zone (7.35-7.45 pH), which improves immune system.

Detoxi 300Hrs Salt vs. ordinary salt

Ordinary salt is processed through electrical decomposition, which leaves behind concentrations of natrium chloride, a highly reactive metal, as well as various heavy metals and toxins. It has no nutritive value, and is strongly acidic, causing harm to the body, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other toxic reactions.

Detoxi 300hr Salt contains a high beneficial chloride content and 22 trace elements. This purified salt delivers remarkable health benefits, including balancing blood pressure and blood sugar levels, neutralizing and eliminating toxins, boosting the immune system and providing essential nutrients to the body.

Detoxi 300Hrs Salt is also highly alkaline, which supports higher pH blood levels and balanced blood salt levels. The alkaline nature of the salt also brings the body’s fluid pH into the optimal zone, which boosts immune system.

The texture, appearance and even the taste of Detoxi 300Hrs Salt is different to ordinary salt. It is very fine, almost powdery, with a brilliant whiteness and a subtle, less bitter taste. Spoon it into water, and watch it dissolve instantly, whereas ordinary salt will sink to the bottom.

Embrace better health: switch to Detoxi 300Hrs Salt

Salt is an essential building block of cellular health. Make sure you choose a pure formulation that delivers optimal nutrients and gives your body what it needs for optimal health. Switch from ordinary salt to Detoxi 300Hrs Salt and see the difference it makes to your health and vitality.

Taken internally, Detoxi 300Hrs Salt is ideal for:

  • Building resistance to germs, bacteria and disease
  • Improving energy levels through better nutrient absorption
  • Intensifying the detox effects of heat treatments