Curem™ 10000

Curem™ 10000
C10000 Biomat Curem Mattress C10000 Biomat Chytrá MatracePřejeďte myší přes obrázek, uvidíte více.

Chytrá Matrace 2 v 1

Luxury mattress from Curem® line „Life & Energy C 10 000“ is equipped with „Richway Biomat Pro“ – therapeutic & rejuvenating far infrared light system ( 8 – 14 microns; the essential energy for the body).

The Amethyst Biomat system is the latest innovation in the area of healthy and rejuvenating sleep. The Biomat far infrared light will gently warm up the entire body up to 6 inches deep while also providing the body with negative ions during sleep.

The Biomat is interchangable with the same exact size insert made from a “ lazy foam“ (so called memory thermall foam – yellow insert in the picture).This combination allows use of the Biomat and mattress together or separately. After the removal of the Biomat for a separate therapy use , the „lazy foam“ insert converts the mattress to fully functioning „cool foam“ mattress (blue in the picture) with a maximum comfort and spine support.

This Mattress is enclosed in a high quality 100% coton „Cooper“ cover with a climate controll layer. This cover is removable and washable at 60°C.

Thickness of the mattress 10″ / 25 cm
Maximum weight up to 308 lbs / 140 kg

BioMat SPA Salón

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